When your students are in a bubble

On Tuesday, the University of Purdue announced that it will be expanding its entrepreneurship academy to serve students in the greater Indiana community.

According to the university, the new academy will provide a place for students to network and network with mentors and business leaders who are interested in their success.

In addition, the school will launch an online learning program for new and existing students, as well as a new scholarship program for students who are already financially ready to enter the business world.

Purdue’s new academy is part of an effort to create a more inclusive community for students.

It is also the latest effort by Purdue to increase the diversity of its student body.

In 2017, Purdue announced a $30 million commitment to add an additional 40 percent diversity of the student body to the workforce.

As part of the expansion, the university will also expand its entrepreneurship program and expand the number of students who will be able to take advantage of a $25,000 cash scholarship.

The new scholarship is a way for students interested in entrepreneurship to be financially ready and can help them start their own businesses.

“In addition to helping to help students who have struggled to get into the workforce, the Purdue entrepreneurship program will offer them the skills they need to succeed in their own business,” Purdue President Mitch Daniels said in a statement.

“This will help students and companies get started in their new endeavors and help our community be more diverse in our economy.”

According to a press release from Purdue, students who enroll in the new Purdue entrepreneurship academy will gain access to an entrepreneurial class that will focus on entrepreneurship, the value of technology and the value and importance of community.

Students will be encouraged to take part in online learning and the mentorship program will provide additional mentorship opportunities to students.

The new entrepreneurship academy is a partnership between Purdue and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC).

The partnership aims to increase entrepreneurship by helping students and businesses to develop the skills necessary to start their businesses.

The expanded program is the latest step in Purdue’s effort to increase diversity of students and help increase the number and diversity of Indiana residents in the workforce and in the business sector.

In 2015, Purdue also launched a new entrepreneurship program for women and underrepresented students.