Elementary entrepreneurship curriculum to include video lectures

Elementary entrepreneurship is getting a video lecture and some homework help this summer from a federal education official, the Department of Education announced Friday.

The department will host a series of webinars and online tutorials aimed at educators this summer to help prepare teachers for the increasingly important job of managing businesses and businesses.

The curriculum will focus on the principles of entrepreneurship, including business models, markets and growth, as well as how to manage a company’s finances, personnel, legal structure, business development and marketing, according to the department’s website.

It’s the first such video instruction for a federal program, according a spokeswoman for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who said the initiative is meant to educate teachers about the realities of business.

“It’s a great opportunity for educators to share the importance of business and the challenges facing today’s students, she said in a statement.”

As more businesses and entrepreneurs take on leadership roles, the public and educators will gain a more realistic understanding of the challenges, opportunities and solutions facing today, and the opportunities for them to succeed,” DeVos added.”

I am proud to be part of this effort to provide teachers with tools that will help them create the skills they need to take their education to the next level,” said the U.S. Secretary of Education, who is a former CEO of a large public school system.

The federal education agency’s website includes a video tutorial called “Learn to Grow Your Business,” which will feature a teacher and some business mentors explaining the basics of entrepreneurship.

The video, titled “The Business of Entrepreneurship,” will start in June.

The first online tutorial, “Creating Your Business on Your Own,” will be launched in September.

The tutorials, which range from two to nine hours, are free and can be viewed by anyone in the United States who is at least 18.

They are part of the departmentwide effort to prepare teachers to serve as CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses.”

It will be very useful to the students who will have to navigate a complicated business and business strategy in the future.””

The best way to learn entrepreneurship is to grow your business on your own.

It will be very useful to the students who will have to navigate a complicated business and business strategy in the future.”

The online tutorials are part, and will soon be joined by the webinar “Building a Small Business: How to Use the Internet to Grow,” a video that will be delivered through the Department’s WebInsight platform and will be free for teachers.

The Education Department is also planning a series on “Why I am the Right Person to Lead My Business,” an online course designed to teach employees the process of building and managing a small business.