When the business of entrepreneurship fails, it’s usually because there’s a lack of support

By Amy O’BrienCBC NewsA report published by a University of Manitoba-led research group this week found a lack or perceived lack of community entrepreneurship among the 2,500 entrepreneurs it surveyed.

The report, entitled Entrepreneurship and the Business of Change: An Assessment of the State of the Art, also called for greater investment in education to increase entrepreneurship.

Its authors found that only 14 per cent of Canadian businesses were thriving in the post-secondary sector.

“We are not doing the things that our children need us to do.

We are not creating the jobs that we need,” said Kevin McKeown, president and CEO of the Business and Economic Development Association of Manitoba.

McKeown is the executive director of the University of Winnipeg’s Innovation Research Institute and was not available for comment.

He said that the report showed a lack in support and a lack on how to encourage the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that is critical to growth in Manitoba.

“It’s not just about the entrepreneurs themselves,” McKeopp said.

“The entrepreneurs who are creating the future.

The entrepreneurs who have the ability to build the economy.”

The report called for a greater focus on entrepreneurship in the province.

“What we are seeing in Manitoba is a very different kind of innovation ecosystem than we see in most other places around the world,” said McKeough.

He noted that entrepreneurship is not just a new field for the province, but it is a “key component” to Manitoba’s economic success.

McKeeough said he hopes the report will encourage the province to invest in entrepreneurship and give the province more incentives to do so.

“I think it’s good that they are starting to think about this issue more,” he said.

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