Entrepreneurship: The next big thing

Entrepreneurs are the next big frontier for social entrepreneurship in Africa, with Africa as the top source of potential business growth for the continent, according to a new report.

The report, called “The Next Big Thing,” released by the McKinsey Global Institute and the University of Western Australia, examines the next generation of African entrepreneurs and offers a glimpse of how they’re changing Africa.

The McKinsey report said that in 2014, African entrepreneurs were worth $10.6 trillion and that Africa had the potential to become a major global destination for social and cultural entrepreneurship.

Africa was also one of the top seven destinations for international students seeking to expand their horizons, according the report, which was released on Monday.

It noted that students from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal and Tanzania were among the top four countries to enroll in business education in 2014.

The report’s authors note that a number of African countries are grappling with the challenges of integrating their businesses and expanding their economies.

Africa is a region that has experienced a rapid growth in population and is one of its most populous nations.

But it also faces some challenges, such as low productivity and poor economic performance.

The authors noted that Africa has a long way to go before it can take the lead in social entrepreneurship.

For example, the report said, African countries have a poor track record in implementing their social entrepreneurship policies.

For instance, there are few programs in place to facilitate the participation of female entrepreneurs in the sector.

African entrepreneurs in their report were asked to highlight their ideas and how they can be used to improve their countries’ business climate and business environment.

Here are the top 10 trends that the report says are driving the growth of African social entrepreneurship:The McKinseys report noted that African entrepreneurs are changing Africa from a country with a low per capita income to one that is more technologically sophisticated.

But the report noted there is still a lot of work to be done to build a better business environment and promote social entrepreneurship across the continent.

The McKinseys analysts said the African leaders needed to embrace a new generation of entrepreneurs.