What do you need to know about entrepreneurship opportunities and entrepreneurship classes in Michigan?

Posted October 13, 2019 04:15:24With the economic downturn, Michigan’s entrepreneurial scene has been on the wane.

The number of entrepreneurs in the state has plummeted to a low of 5,000 in the last year, down from 20,000 a decade ago.

With the economy struggling and the unemployment rate hovering around 10 per cent, it seems that many people are looking for more options.

In an attempt to encourage more entrepreneurs to start businesses in the Michigan market, a statewide entrepreneurship program called the Opportunity Spotting Entrepreneurship Education Program (OSEP) was launched in 2016.

OSEP aims to teach entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship-related skills to the youth in Michigan and other states through a series of events and training.

The first two days of OSEP were held on October 6 and 7, and the third and final day was held on November 8.

The programme is sponsored by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the Michigan Association of Entrepreneurs. 

The events will be held at the University of Michigan’s College of Business and the College of Engineering. 

OSEP will take place in the following locations: 1.

The College of Arts and Sciences, Building 1, Room 1102.

The Michigan Academy of Business, Building C3.

The Business Institute of Michigan, Building E4.

The Center for Business Development, Building G5.

The University of Southern Michigan, Center for Entrepreneurs, Building H6.

The American Enterprise Institute, Building I7.

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Building J8.

The Statehouse, Building K9.

The George S. Brady Center for Public Policy, Building L10.

The William D. Weld Building, Building M11.

The Johnson Center for Leadership, Building N12.

The David Geffen School of Medicine, Building O13.

The Wayne State University School of Business & Economics, Building P14.

The U.S. Capitol Building, building Q15.

The Jefferson Center, Building R16.

The Ann Arbor News Building, Room D17.

The Woodward Building, room C18.

The Grand Theatre, room E19.

The Henry Ford Museum of Art, Building F20.

The McCormick Place, Building B21.

The Marquette University Business School, Building D22.

The Mott Family Center for Journalism, building C23.

The Paul R. Reynolds Convention Center, building B24.

The Lansing Art Museum, Building A25.

The Westin Hotel & Suites, building D26.

The Albright Hotel, room B27.

The Marriott Marquis Center, room F28.

The Detroit Art Museum building C29.

The BMO Harris Bradley Center, Room E30.

The Ford Motor Company building D31.

The Renaissance Michigan Convention Center building F32.

The DeVos Center for the Arts, building F33.

The Convention Center Theatre, building G34.

The Flint Theatre, Room F35.

The Museum of Michigan and Arts, Building S36.

The New Museum of American History building B37.

The Metropolitan Museum of Detroit, building M38.

The Snyder Building, the new Wayne County Museum of Industry, building J39.

The Pontiac Silverdome, the Detroit Lions stadium, building E40.

The Art Institute of Chicago, building I41.

The Chrysler Museum of Automotive, building N42.

The Ohio State University, building O43.

The Sheraton Grand Rapids Hotel, hotel B44.

The Omni Hotel, Marriott Marquise Center, hotel C45.

The Hyatt Regency, hotel D46.

The Regency Marquis Marquis, hotel F47.

The Waterfront Convention Center hotel B48.

The St. Regis Hotel, the Grand Hyatt Marquis Hotel Hotel, Hilton Marquis hotel, hotel M49.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hotel J50.

The Hotel de la Presse, Hotel N51.

The Downtown Detroit Marriott, hotel A52.

The MGM Grand Hotel, luxury suite hotel, suite A53.

The Bel Air Hotel, Suite D54.

The Hilton Detroit Downtown, suite E55.

The Royal Oak Grand Hy-Town Hotel, suite F56.

The Wynn Grand Hywood, suite G57.

The Riverfront Hotel, suites D and F58.

The Mandarin Oriental, suite C59.

The Plaza Hotel, lounge, suite B60.

The Red Lion, suite K61.

The Citi Hilton Detroit Grand Rapids, suites I and K62.

The Palace of Fine Arts, suite J63.

The Bell House, suites E and F64.

The Crowne Plaza, suite D65.

The Old Post Office, suite R66.

The Lincoln Financial Center, suite H67.

The United Center, suites G and H68.

The Midtown Center, the Madison Square Garden, the New York Times Building, and other venues.