An Imperial College Business School study finds that students do not learn much about the business world and the people who run it.

The Imperial College’s business school has released a new study in which it found that students did not learn enough about the international business world to be effective entrepreneurs.

The study was conducted by the school’s entrepreneurship unit, the business and innovation program, to help students understand the industry and people who have to operate it, and how they can work with the community to improve their performance.

The students were also asked to think about how they would approach a business that they had a vision for, and were asked to identify their biggest challenge in the process.

The university said the students had a “greater awareness of the global economy and global issues such as climate change and the impact of the financial crisis”.

It said the study’s results will help students make better business plans, and will help them identify the key challenges and how to solve them.

The survey, conducted in May, surveyed the students, as well as their peers, as part of the university’s initiative to help them better understand the global business landscape.