“The Health-Tech Revolution” is Here: New York Times

title “Health-Tech Pioneers” article The New York times, in a special report on the health-tech revolution, has a look at the health care industry, with special emphasis on entrepreneurs.

The report highlights how innovation is helping companies transform themselves from a commodity to a service.

Here are three stories to read: 1.

The Health-tech Revolution is Happening, Not Now, But It’s Changing the Game, The Times reports.

“Health tech is now being used in every aspect of our lives,” says John Vennavas, a former chief technology officer of the Department of Defense.

“There is no question that it is changing the way we do business, and it is creating new industries, new services.”


The Innovation Economy Has Been Hijacked by an Industry of Scammer, The Washington Post reports.

The “tech economy” is being hijacked by a “corporate economy” that’s been “diversifying” in a “shambolic” way, according to Mark Dubowitz, a consultant who worked for three years at one of the nation’s largest technology companies.

The term “corporation economy” was coined by economist Jared Bernstein.

It describes a situation in which the company that controls a company is a very powerful person and therefore can influence its management.


A Bigger Picture is Making a Big Difference, The Wall Street Journal reports.

That’s why we need a big picture.

When you have a big-picture view, you’re better equipped to make smart decisions.

The Journal’s editorial board wrote that “the health care and technology industries are in a different place” than in the mid-2000s when it started to understand the changing nature of work and innovation.

The industry’s “big picture” is making a big difference.

The piece continues: “It’s a very different world than it was when we started.”