5 companies that could create a new generation of college entrepreneurs


How can we find the right college?

A college degree is one of the most important and difficult things to attain.

However, the degree is not necessarily the most valuable.

Here are some of the best colleges to find out if you want to work as a software engineer, or if you have the ability to build a business.1.

Harvard Business School2.

Stanford Business School3.

Duke University4.

University of Rochester5.

Cornell University6.

Stanford University7.

Dartmouth College8.

Northwestern University9.

University College Dublin10.

University Park College11.

University in London12.

University at Buffalo13.

University School of Art & Design14.

University Innsbruck15.

University Thessaloniki16.

University Shanghai in China17.

New York University18.

Ohio State University19.

The Ohio State Buckeyes20.

University San Francisco21.

Stanford Graduate School of Business22.

Stanford College23.

New England College24.

University Tuscaloosa25.

Duke Law School26.

University Colorado School of Mines27.

University California Davis28.

Yale University29.

University Paris30.

University Chicago31.

University Madrid in France32.

University Ljubljana in Slovenia33.

University Amsterdam in the Netherlands34.

University Bordeaux in France35.

University Lyon in France36.

University Berlin in Germany37.

University Hamburg in Germany38.

University Copenhagen in Denmark39.

University Dusseldorf in Germany40.

University Leipzig in Germany41.

University Cologne in Germany42.

University Budapest in Hungary43.

University Frankfurt in Germany44.

University Riga in Latvia45.

University Brussels in the Czech Republic46.

University Athens in Greece47.

University Stuttgart in Germany48.

University Munich in Germany49.

University Vienna in Germany50.

University Würzburg in Germany51.

University Bonn in Germany52.

University Zurich in Switzerland53.

University Graz in Austria54.

University Stockholm in Switzerland55.

University Freiburg in Germany56.

University Zürich in Germany57.

University Lausanne in Switzerland58.

University Köln in Germany59.

University Lund in Sweden60.

University Huddersfield in England61.

University Aarhus in Denmark62.

University Uppsala in Denmark63.

University Oslo in Norway64.

University Vaduz in Bosnia65.

University Malmo in Sweden66.

University Gothenburg in Sweden67.

University Vilnius in Lithuania68.

University Reykjavík in Iceland69.

University Helsinki in Finland70.

University Linz in Austria71.

University Regensburg in Austria72.

University Bielefeld in Austria73.

University Ingolstadt in Austria74.

University Groningen in Germany75.

University Bratislava in Slovakia76.

University Utrecht in the Netherland77.

University Salzburg, Austria78.

University Göteborg in Sweden79.

University Potsdam in Germany80.

University Karlsruhe in Germany81.

University Mainz in Germany82.

University Kassel in Germany83.

University Schloss Mönchengladbach in Germany84.

University Münster in Germany85.

University Augsburg in Germany86.

University Prague in Czech Republic87.

University Neukölln in the Germany88.

University Baden-Württemberg in Germany89.

University Strasbourg in Germany90.

University Oulu in Finland91.

University Basel in Switzerland92.

University Bern in Switzerland93.

University Rotterdam in the United Kingdom94.

University Geneva in Switzerland95.

University Monterrey in Mexico96.

University Santa Cruz in Mexico97.

University Barcelona in Spain98.

University Algiers in the French Republic99.

University Buenos Aires in Argentina100.

University Beijing in China101.

University Singapore in Singapore102.

University Delhi in India103.

University Dhaka in Bangladesh104.

University Karachi in Pakistan105.

University Nairobi in Kenya106.

University Lahore in Pakistan107.

University Peshawar in Pakistan108.

University New Delhi in Pakistan109.

University Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia110.

University Tokyo in Japan111.

University Taipei in Taiwan112.

University Seoul in South Korea113.

University Guangzhou in China114.

University Manila in Philippines115.

University Chennai in India116.

University Sydney in Australia117.

University Hong Kong in China118.

University Yokohama in Japan119.

University Santiago in Chile120.

University Bogota in Colombia121.

University Lima in Peru122.

University Sao Paulo in Brazil123.

University Rio de Janeiro in Brazil124.

University Porto Alegre in Brazil125.

University Bahia in Brazil126.

University Brasilia in Brazil127.

University Salvador in Brazil128.

University Caracas in Venezuela129.

University Santo Domingo in Venezuela130.

University Quito in Ecuador131.

University Havana in Cuba132.

University Curitiba in Brazil133.

University Colombo in Sri Lanka134.

University Jakarta in Indonesia135.

University Islamabad in