Which cities are the most entrepreneurial in the US?

The US is no longer the land of the free, but the US is becoming a place where startups are the bread and butter of every city’s economy.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranks cities on the basis of three key indicators: the percentage of startups, the number of companies, and the proportion of businesses that have an annual gross revenue of $100 million or more.

The rankings are based on information on the number, type and size of companies registered, the average net worth of entrepreneurs, and their share of the local workforce.

According to the report, the top 10 cities on this list include:New York City (1), Austin, TX (1)San Francisco (1.7), Miami, FL (1.)

Newark, NJ (2)Boston, MA (3)Seattle, WA (3.2)Washington, DC (4.3)Miami Beach, FL(4.4)Los Angeles, CA (4)Austin, TX(4)San Diego, CA(4.)

Houston, TX Los Angeles (5.4)(5)Boston (5)Washington DC (5.)

Miami Beach (5.(6)Denver, CO (6.2)(6.3)(6)New York, NY (6)Chicago, IL (6)(6.)

Chicago, OH (6.)

San Diego (6.(7)Atlanta, GA (7)(7.1)(7)San Jose, CA-CA (7)Houston (7.2.(7.3){A B C D E F G}(7)Seattle (7){(7.4}(8)Portland, OR (8)Dallas-Fort Worth, TX-TX (8.1)Salt Lake City, UT (8)(8.3)}(8.4)}(9)Boston-New York-Los Angeles-San Francisco-San Jose (9)Atlanta-Minneapolis-St. Paul-Seattle-Washington, D.C.(9)Los Angles, CA and Honolulu, HI (10)Austin (10.2)*(10)Houston, Tx (10)(10.4){(10.5)}(10)(11)Austin-Travis, TX and Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue-Tukwila-Washtenaw (11)Chicago (11.1){(11.2)}(11)(12)Chicago-Naperville-Napolatchie, IL-IN (12)Austin/San Marcos, TX/Austin-Round Rock-Sugar Land, TX.(12)Houston-Midland-San Antonio-Grand Prairie-Fort Bend-Corpus Christi-Houston (13)San Antonio (13.1).(13)Phoenix, AZ (13)(13.2).(14)Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ-AZ (14)Los Alamos, NM (15)Seattle-Tahoe-Beloit, WI (15.1)*(15)Los Gatos, CA, Seattle-Vancouver-Point Roberts-San Juan, Puerto Rico (15)(15.2){(15.3}(16)San Marcos-San Diego-Los Alamitos-Montebello-San Marcos (16)(16.1)'(16.2)'(17)Newark-Camden, NJ-CT (17.1)}(17.2.)(17).

Newark and Santa Cruz, CA.(17.)

Houston-San Leandro-Port Arthur-Corpuz-Celina, TX.(18)San Bernardino-Ontario-Ontawa-Salinas, CA.(19)Charlotte-Gastonia-Newark (19.1), Charlotte-Garthwood-Spartanburg (19)Houston and San Antonio (20)(20.1)-(20.2)-(21)Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky-Louisville-New Orleans-St Louis-St Petersburg (21)Houston’s growth is driven by the region’s ability to attract more startups, according to the EIU.

“While the number and size in the Bay Area continues to rise, the Bay region’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to flourish,” said Dr. Matt Besser, vice president for business innovation at the ELU.

“The top cities in the top ten list represent the best place to be, and they’re growing.

It’s not just a tech story.

It has broader implications for entrepreneurship in the entire country.”

Austin, Texas, is the third-most entrepreneurial city in the United States, according the report.

Houston is the fourth-most.

New York and New Jersey are in the middle of the pack.

Miami Beach and Los Angeles are in fifth and sixth place.


Worth-Corpustown-Fort Myers-Jacksonville, FL are in seventh and eighth place, respectively