When the tech industry is in a race with itself, what can you do to win?

The tech industry has a race-to-the-bottom mentality.

The race to be the best is on.

And the industry has no clue how to win, according to CEO Kevin Systrom, who says he doesn’t even have a strategy.¬†

Systrom and a handful of other CEOs of tech startups have recently sat down with Recode to discuss what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the race.

The CEOs are not just speaking to Recode, though.

They’re speaking to thousands of their peers and friends who are trying to make it big in the tech business, including some who are struggling to make the transition from the VC-heavy Valley to the real world.

We’ve also spoken to more than a dozen founders who have been fired from their tech companies for being too successful in their early days.

Here are the leaders in the race for the Silicon Valley dream:Systrom’s first venture, a social media company called Shatter, has seen massive success.

It raised $3.6 billion in seed funding and went public in 2015.

In 2018, Shatter merged with the popular Instagram.

Systrom says he and his team at Shatter had one goal when Shatter went public: to be a “social media company,” and that meant building a social network for people to talk to each other.

They were inspired by Facebook, where users can share photos and videos of friends, but the company was focused on building a platform that would let people share photos with their friends.

Symson says that in his view, Facebook is not the social network that it once was.

He sees it as a way to let friends interact with each other and build a social graph.

Facebook, he says, is “really a tool that people use to get more connected to their friends.”

Systrom also says that the problem with Facebook is that it’s not the best way to organize relationships.

“Facebook is really just a tool for people who want to share more information,” he says.

“If you don’t want to post photos of people, it’s a little like the social graph of Facebook, but you don