An Imperial College Business School study finds that students do not learn much about the business world and the people who run it.

The Imperial College’s business school has released a new study in which it found that students did not learn enough about the international business world to be effective entrepreneurs.The study was conducted by the school’s entrepreneurship unit, the business and innovation program, to help students understand the industry and people […]

How to get more startups into the incubator: a guide

The number of startups in the incubators space has been increasing every year, according to the number of companies that are funded by investors, but there are still too many that are not being properly vetted and managed.According to a report by the Startup and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (SETDC), India’s […]

When is it time to stop focusing on technology?

When it comes to investing in technology, there’s no turning back now.The rise of cloud computing, a proliferation of online shopping, and a proliferation in mobile apps has all contributed to a growing belief among investors and entrepreneurs that investing in this area is a smart move.So what should investors […]