How to get started in the sports industry

NFL players and their families can now earn a certificate from the United States Olympic Committee to become a certified sustainable entrepreneur.The certification is a way to earn a living through entrepreneurship.The credential is issued to people who are engaged in creating new business models, in terms of social entrepreneurship.A […]

“The Health-Tech Revolution” is Here: New York Times

title “Health-Tech Pioneers” article The New York times, in a special report on the health-tech revolution, has a look at the health care industry, with special emphasis on entrepreneurs.The report highlights how innovation is helping companies transform themselves from a commodity to a service.Here are three stories to read: 1.The […]

How to make a startup career work: 7 steps

Entrepreneurship is an exciting new way to get started in business, and one that is growing faster than ever.But how do you get started?The most popular course on the internet is the course Entrepreneurs, which teaches you how to start a business.But the course is also a good way to […]